Founded in 1919 by New York State Physicians

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Mission Statement

Physicians' Home is a charitable organization, assisting physicians who fall on hard times, and are in need of financial help.

WHO WE HELP Before a request for financial help is considered, a doctor should have obtained a New York State medical license and practiced in the State. Immediate family members of a physician may also be eligible. When an application is received, a committee of the board of directors reviews the particular circumstances and the financial means of the applicant. If accepted, assistance is provided in the form of a monthly check. No re-payment is expected. Beneficiaries are reviewed at regular intervals for changes in circumstances. Some of our doctors are older — their funds having become exhausted for a variety of reasons, such as the prolonged illness of a spouse. Others are younger, seeking assistance because some untoward event has rendered them temporarily or permanently unable to work, and they find themselves in debt, with little in the way of resources.

Please review the history of our organization — its early years as an actual living facility, and the transition to an organization that provides regular financial assistance to beneficiaries, helping them to remain in their own homes.

Please contact us at our administrative office

to request an application for assistance, to make a donation, or for further information —

by mail, 515 Madison Ave., FL 8, New York, NY 10022

by telephone, toll-free, (855) 790 9723 or (646) 908 2637

by email,

by clicking the contact button at the bottom of this page

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