Founded in 1919 by New York State Physicians

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PHYSICIANS' HOME welcomes donations from all sources interested in our objective. The organization is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3), and donations are tax-deductible. Support is obtained primarily from New York State Physicians who respond to our fundraising appeals, as well as from other individuals, organizations, and Foundations that learn of us, and support our goal. Over the years, there have been many Estate Bequests; also, contributions are often made IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY OF a donor's living or deceased friend, relative or physician.

DONATIONS may be made by sending a check (payable to Physicians' Home) or by using this online site. A donation of $25 or more in a given fiscal year qualifies the contributor as a member of the organization for the year. Members are entitled to attend the Annual Meeting with both voice and vote — and enjoy a complimentary luncheon!

DONOR'S JOURNAL — a Donor's Journal, published on a regular basis as part of our fundraising efforts, provides a way for contributors to express good wishes in a message, thereby sharing with others their interest and support for the organization. The Journal reflects donations given during the first half of our fiscal year, beginning each October. While donation amounts are not listed in the Journal, unless a donor specifies anonymity, all contributors, regardless of amount, are recognized on a Contributors List.

TO PLACE A JOURNAL MESSAGE the following donation amounts are requested: full-page ( 8½ x 5½ ) - $300; half-page - $125;one-third page - $75. A message could be as simple as just name and address, eg., Mary Smith, MD Brooklyn, New York, — or the message could extend a short greeting, eg., Dr. John Jones thanks Physicians' Home for helping our colleagues for so many years. A copy of our Journal, which is sent to all contributors, is available upon request. From time to time, depending upon circumstances, the organization may choose to skip a Journal publication as part of its fundraising effort that year.

ONLINE DONORS who would like to place a message in the Journal along with their contribution may click on the "contact us" link below and send your message using the space provided on that page.

A copy of our Annual Report is available at New York State Department of Law, Charities Bureau,
28 Liberty Street, 19th FL, NY, NY, 10005.  Tel: (212) 416-8401

Please consider our organization when you are planning gift-giving for the year — Thank you!

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